This is the time of year when, for better or worse, almost all my time and energy is focused on planning SXSW — which I dare remind myself is only three weeks away. In an effort to better archive my activities, I wanted to take a moment and share some recent media before my brain turns to complete mush…

» My “Who Gives A *!%# About Typography?” rant at Ignite Austin about Rock That Font.

» An archive of my January 24th appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show in NYC.

» A brief article I put together for TalentZoo titled, “Look Into the Future With Collaborative Frameworks” — inspired by my panel session at the MTO Summit in D.C. with Toby Daniels and Michelle Bruno.

» An archive of my live chat with cohort Kelly Krause and Omar Gallaga from The Austin American-Statesman about SXSW Interactive.

» And finally, I have a new post up on Rock That Font about The Hold Steady’s latest effort, Heaven is Whenever. Thanks to nicest-guy-in-Austin Christian Helms for sharing a bit about his creative process.

More soon. I promise.

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