Just a quick note that I’m in Europe this week speaking at a few conferences…

The first will be a 20-minute presentation and Q&A on next-generation crowd-sourcing tomorrow at Futur en Seine. (My first experience building a presentation with Prezi, which we used for the SXSW Interactive Awards in March — and so far I only have very nice things to say about it.)

Presentation in Prezi

Building Collaboration Frameworks for Success
From design competitions to raising capital to event programming, the innovative and controversial concept of crowd-sourcing is impacting all sectors of digital industry. Learn how to avoid exploitsourcing and appropriately build a collaboration framework for your community that leads to success for all parties involved.

Next up will be a trip to Germany for c/o Pop and the C’n’B convention. There will be a SXSW-focused panel and reception on Thursday evening, then I’m honored to be joining a group of conference organizers on Friday for a panel session called “International Networks III: Conferences – Networked Out?”

So if you find yourself in Paris or Cologne, stop on by and say hello (or “Bonjour” or “Guten Tag” as the case may be.)

Now to put the finishing touches on that presentation.

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