The Typography of the Bicycle

Last May at WebVisions, I gave a 5 minute presentation entitled, “The Typography of the Bicycle.” The idea was to take a similar journey of discovery as with Rock That Font, but instead of album covers, explore the typography of some of my favorite bicycles.

The hilarious part is that right before jumping on the stage, I realized there was no clicker available to control my slides (they were to be auto-advanced in the traditional Ignite format) — and I had waaaay too many slides for the allocated time. As a result (and at approximately 7 seconds a slide), the presentation turned into a bit of a crazy and fun rant.

In any case, I’ve received a few requests for the slides, so I finally got around to digging them up.

(The names in the lower right corner of each slide are Flickr usernames — make sure to explore each of the photographers’ amazing work).

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