Every so often I get invited to write an article on the tech or events industry. Less often do I get invited to write about my passion for cycling. Well, the crew at Bike Hugger gave me the opportunity to do just that regarding my recent trip to Interbike. I was honored to share a few glimpses into my inaugural experience for Bike Hugger’s new digital magazine.

A few excerpts:

10:26 pm – Don’t ever bet against a Belgian winning a cyclocross race. Or any race for that matter.

1:04 pm – It’s very apparent there are two kinds of companies in the bike industry. Those who are truly innovating, and those who are simply rebranding and reselling the work of others.

2:37 pm – The longest line is the line to meet Tom Boonen.

11:20 pm – I catch a ride back to the hotel on the Boo Bicycles bus. (Boo is the company that makes intriguing frames out of bamboo.) There is a young man passed out in a panda costume next to me. Enough said.

See more in Issue 05: My First Time, available now via iTunes.

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