I grew up playing in various bands and am very much a musician at heart. This was my most recent musical endeavor. The Paper South disbanded in 2008.

The Paper South - Hole in the Wall“Austin’s stable of hallucinatory guitar pop bands is splintering the wood. Featuring former members of Winslow and American Analog Set, The Paper South returns to those much-loved bands’ wall of melody on their debut six-song EP. Opener Caught Leaving the Scene of the Accident runs through prickly guitar lines straight into the gentle creep of City Responder. Vocalist/guitarist Shawn O’Keefe keeps his whisper in check on Short-Wave Resolutions, battling a squall of guitar that breaks up the album’s preciousness. The trance-inducing Ready or Not performs a frontal lobotomy with ice pick guitars.” — The Austin Chronicle

Free Downloads // The Paper South – EP (2006)

1 · Caught Leaving the Scene of the Accident
2 · City Responder
3 · Short-wave Resolutions
4 · Map of the Condition
5 · Ready or Not
6 · Less Mass Against