Rock That Font at SXSW

19 January 2015Design, SXSW

One of our favorite creative endeavors is Rock That Font. More than a site that explores the intersection of typography and rock’n’roll, Rock That Font aims to provide a community platform for all to share their passion for album cover art.

With the above goal of community in mind, I’m pleased to reveal that we’ll be hosting our next get-together as part of the official conference program at SXSW Interactive.

Rock That Font Meet Up at SXSW
Tuesday, March 17
12:30pm – 1:30pm
JW Marriott (110 E 2nd St), Room 501

Visit for details on how you can attend the SXSW edition of our Meet Up, and make sure to join our general group via

Hope to see you there.

The Importance Of, Part 2

11 September 2013Speaking Engagements, SXSW

Come to find out the fine folks at DrupalCamp Austin 2013 recently posted videos of all the conference sessions, so I figured that I would archive my keynote here. Now with 23% fewer “um”s.

I had a great time doing my “Phil Donahue impression” and interacting with the audience, and hopefully my mix of personal stories, industry insights and history of helped to inspire. In any case, my takeaways are listed below (if watching an hour and six minute long video is not your thing).

The Importance Of…

19 June 2013Speaking Engagements, SXSW

Just a quick note that I’ll be presenting the Saturday keynote at DrupalCamp Austin this weekend. While it has been a little while since I hacked on Drupal, I’m very honored to be participating and sharing a bit of the SXSW CMS story. I’m planning to share ten insights from my personal journey into technology and my 13-year-long tenure at SXSW.

My talk is currently entitled: “The Importance Of…”

However, I always enjoy working with a few alternate titles for my own sake and amusement. Those currently are:

“Institutional Memory and the Future of Content”

“Get Off My Lawn: You Kids Don’t Know How Good We Have It Now”

That last one is my favorite.

Behind the Curtain: My Guide to SXSW 2013

8 March 2013Event Technology, SXSW

For over twelve years I’ve worked behind the curtain at SXSW Interactive. And many times I have longed to experience the playground that I help construct for others.

Perhaps in another life.

For now, I humbly present twelve hastily-prepared tips and recommendations for this year’s event. Keep in mind there are approximately 1064 distinct sessions and about 1958 individual speakers for the Interactive event alone, so the following is strictly personal and a reflection of my own particular tastes and desires.

Building Playgrounds

25 September 2012Event Technology, Somewhat Interesting Things, SXSW

It seems everyone is talking about hackathons these days — and for good reason. Providing a more open infrastructure for a community to create new relationships and develop ideas is valuable. It’s very efficient from an event producer’s perspective. If the conditions are just right, some really amazing products and experiences can come from such events.

Heck, it even sounds like fun.

But while hackathons sound very easy to pull off — creating just the right environment to foster a productive experience can be difficult.