Limpia Creek Summit, Ft Davis

Grateful to begin the year in the Davis Mountains. If you look closely, you can see McDonald Observatory in the distance.

2021 was a hard one on so many levels, but there are many positives to focus on. My trip to Honduras. Taking the kids on their first trip to Big Bend. The Big Sugar bike race in Arkansas. Friendships both old and new.

And it’s always good to start the year with a review of my prime directives:

1. Be the best dad I can be
2. Share my rather long list of “what not to do” in this life with others
3. Help purpose-driven entrepreneurs & teams thrive

With the above at heart, I’m happy to reveal that I’ve joined the executive team at Senseye. As “Head of People Growth,” I’m initially focusing on recruitment efforts (as we’re currently on the hunt for an experienced CTO). I’ll also be involved in design and marketing efforts moving forward, as well as supporting a healthy team culture as we go through the growing pains of scaling a truly novel technology.

I’ll continue to work with current clients via 1st Assembly Supply Co in the short term, but I plan to wind down many of those engagements in the coming months.

Senseye is heading in a new and very important direction. You may be familiar with the fact that Senseye provides novel insights into cognitive states via the eye through mobile phones. Now the company is focused on building the world’s first objective mental health diagnostic on top of the core technology. Our first diagnostic is for PTSD and is entering pilot studies now, followed soon by additional indications for anxiety and depression.

Like so many others, my family has been significantly impacted by mental health issues, and I look forward to shaping the future of digital medicine with this talented team.