1st Assembly Supply Co

Welcome to 2020. What follows is a special update regarding what I’ve been up to lately…

As you may know, after returning to Austin in early 2018 (after almost three years in New Zealand), I’ve continued to architect and run innovation programs. Initially working with the non-profit Food+City on their startup program for food innovators, and more recently as a “plank holder” for the Army Applications Laboratory (part of the newly-established Army Futures Command), I’ve sharpened my skills as an innovation director and facilitator of transformation. When the Army put their hardware accelerator on “strategic pause,” I left to return to my passion – developing a new kind of hardware innovation program based in Austin.

Hello World from 1st Assembly Supply Co.
Since my work on Lightning Lab Manufacturing and the creation of the 1st Assembly community hub & makerspace in Lower Hutt, NZ, I’ve been mentoring hardware entrepreneurs in Austin – mostly via Techstars Impact and Capital Factory. And I’ve met so many amazing folks! This has only deepened my resolve to more formally deliver value to the significant talent pool in a tech community built by the likes of Dell, National Instruments, Silicon Labs & many more – thus a new consultancy is born.

While 1st Assembly Supply Co. is the consultancy specializing in acceleration frameworks, rapid prototyping and customer-centric approaches for Hardware & IoT companies, I have a very ambitious endeavor in the works…

The 1A Hardware Program
Part business accelerator and part product development course, 1A is a six-month innovation program that transforms prototypes into investable products. Initially focusing on Industrial IoT (manufacturing, agritech, environmental, smart city sectors), the program is designed for both early-stage and established companies to bring transformative products to market. We’re currently gathering community feedback and formalizing some really cool partnerships. In terms of timeline, we’re aiming to host a launch event in March. Buckle up.

My Asks
Know any folks who should know about 1A and/or be profiled in our new hardware zine, Throughput? Send them my way. Know of potential partners & sponsors who should be involved in 1A? Please connect me, as it’s going to be one heck of a rewarding journey for all.

Please note that I have added shawn@1stassemb.ly to my list of email addresses. I’m still at the same mobile device and you can always follow my latest shenanigans via Instagram.