laser-etched biz card
this post officially ends my blogging hiatus. thought i would once again start sharing a bit more on the interwebs, at least in batches longer than 140 characters…

even though i’m short on time these days, i love busting out small / personal / miscellaneous design projects when i get the chance. i thought i would take a moment to share one of my latest…

laser-etched business cards rather than do the awesome-but-familiar moo cards, i wanted to make a little business card with just my personal contact information.

years ago i whipped up a card via a web vendor and ended up with a fancy plastic card. it was dark transparent gray with white text in agency bold (a font by david berlow from atf agency gothic by morris fuller benton). sure the plastic cards looked pretty cool, but they had the sharpest corners ever. you couldn’t write on them, but boy you could use them as a weapon if absolutely necessary. super-cool looks + lack of practical functionality = fail.

this time around i wanted to get it right. parameters included: ability to write on the card, eco-friendly paper and ink (or lack thereof), and possibility for card recipient to easily pass along my contact information if so desired (double-sided / tear in half). i picked up some nice stock from french paper (their blog is a great source of inspiration) and developed a few variations using stainless extended.

special thanks to aaron haley at austin laser art. can’t recommend his services highly enough.

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